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    Odin Reiter

    Dear Team of VISO Systems

    I have a little question about the 0° correction function:
    I’ve learned, that there are different methods to correct the intensity values at Gamma=0° & Gamma=180° like calculate the min, average, or max of the Intensity values at this point an adjust the C-planes seprately with a correction factor.
    Can you tell me what correction is used in your Light Inspector software?

    thank you for your nice measuring devices and your support!

    Best regards
    Odin Reiter

    Christian Krause

    Dear Odin,

    Thank you for the question the way the 0° correction works is as you describe it simply looks at the intensity at the 0° point as adjust all for the plane values up accordingly. The used 0° reference is taken from the plane with the most intensity at 0° as some narrow-angled lamps might have moved a little in the lamp holder during the measurement so to get the correct result the 0° reference must be from the plane with the highest value.
    We are currently not correction the 180° points, so we are currently correcting the all values in the each plane based on the highest 0° intensity, also the 180° points are not valid as they are blocked by the goniometer structure.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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