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    LJ Greene

    After taking a measurement, the main Light Inspector Dashboard appears with all the photometric measurements.

    On the right side of the dashboard you will see the “Library” section of the screen with a box for a photo. Click the box and you will enable the “capture picture” where you can either use your webcam or mobile phone to take the photo.

    The webcam is very straight forward, the mobile phone function is a little more “cool” –
    1.) Click the mobile phone icon in the box
    2.) You will see a QR code, that you simply need to scan with your mobile phone.
    3.) Your phone will ask you to upload image, then open the camera function, take the photo
    4.) The photo then appears back inside the Light Inspector Software, and you can even edit it before saving it to the Library photo box.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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