Free webinar on UV Light Measurements 20th October

  • October 14, 2020

As a consequence of the Corona virus many clients are interested in disinfection using UV light. Viso has launched the new UV-VIS sensor LabSensor Model 2.
The sensor captures both visual and UV light in one go.
The standard Viso sensors measure in the 360-830 nm range. The new UV-VIS sensor extends this range to 200-850 nm thus including UV-A, UV-B and UV-C range. Lighting fixtures for disinfection normally emit UV light in the 200-300 nm range.
The LabSensor Model 2 fits both LabSpion and BaseSpion goniometers and includes the new DT300 UV-VIS calibration lamp. DT300 enables clients to check their calibration or re-calibrate themselves.

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20. October 2020 at 3 pm (15:00 CET) /9 AM EST – signup: send an email to
20. October 2020 7 pm (19:00 CET) /1 PM EST – signup: send an email to

•  Setting up the UV lamp for measurement
•  How the UV sensor works
•  Making the measurement
•  Generate comprehensive UV report
•  Calculating UV exposure in joules
•  Making UV light distribution map
•  Requirements for lamp to disinfect viruses
•  Questions

Duration 1 hour

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