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VX01 housing DMX lighting controller RGB


The VX01 controller is the first controller specifically designed for dynamic color changing effects in an architectural fixture, it has a unique design that enables it to fit into nearly any design environment.
The functionally allows any inexperienced person to set any accurate static color using Color and Saturation. One of the most unique features of the VX01 is the possibility to change color of any preset and speed just by the mere click of a button and then re-save it to any preset by holding the preset button.



The VX01 connects to the Vdesigner software via USB. The Vdesigner is a free software which allows you to create your own designs and have live DMX preview via your VX01. Lighting designs made in the Vdesigner can be stored to your VX01 for use without computer.


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By scrolling the color wheel you can select any color fast and easy.

Run, store or adjust color/speed of up to four static or dynamic presets simply by the push of a button.

Power and data in one cable via POE, connects directly to DMX via RJ45, and control up to 170 different fixtures.

Both DMX and RDM are supported allowing you to quickly discover and automatically address your fixtures.

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VX01 at Monumental Landmark in Spain

VX01 at Monumental Landmark in Spain

The leading company Philips installed the VX01 Installation in Casas Colgadas in Spain. This innovative Viso control system technology has enhanced the…