Light Measurement Technology
At Viso we create innovative solutions for lighting industry. We maintain the high quality of our products and utilise the most modern technology and materials. We develop new features of our products, expand the functionality of the software and create useful fittings to accommodate our customers’ measuring conditions.

To measure light, i.e. to capture the luminous flux emitted from a light source into the room, it is essential to either provide conditions of darkness or to separate the background lighting from that of the measured light. We recommend making measurements in the absence of additional light, yet there is an option of ambient light correction in the Viso Light Inspector software. The data acquisition has two steps: first the background light is measured on its own when the sample light is switched off, then the measurement is repeated with the light source on. The background radiation is then subtracted from the overall illumination and the measured light distribution is presented.

Most luminaires manufacturers are primarily interested in photometric data like the flux and light intensity, lighting designers and engineers are equally concerned with the artistic aspects of light such as colour temperature, colour coordinates and colour rendering index (CRI).  We are using spectrometer sensors, as opposed to conventional photometers, which cannot give all photometric data of a light source – that is what transforms our systems into portable laboratories with multiple functions. That is why we can determine the spectral data of the light sources and thereby incorporate the interests of a wider group of clients who need fast and easy laboratory quality light measurements.

The spectrometer sensor we use is based on a cutting edge transmission grating technology. It obtains the visible spectrum of the tested light source with a high speed of 30 seconds per C-plane, which makes the data acquisition time exceptionally quick.

Simplicity and functionality are the two keywords that describe the Viso Light Inspector software. The capturing of light distribution is displayed in real time, allowing the possibility of participating in the process of data acquisition. The user interface of the software is self-explanatory and thereby increasing the work flow.