The Visual design software allows for fast and easy setup of any dynamic installation, a list of pre-defined designs and the capability to create custom solutions with fast and direct access to all features, thus ensuring accurate and simple design flow for the experienced and non experienced. The Visual designer also serves as an offline editor allowing design to be pre-programmed off site and later uploaded to any device via USB.

Pixel mapping of images and videos have never been easier with the Vdesigner. Drag and drop any media directly to your layout or presets, creating pixel mapped shows in seconds.

LED RGB dmx controller pixel mapping 01

Create your own pixel mapping by using these demo videos below.

video01 pixel mapping       video02 pixel mapping       video03 pixel mapping       video04 pixel mapping

Version 3.32 is now available supporting new formats supported by your media player.


The Vdesigner is a free software which allows you to create your own designs and have live DMX preview via your controller. Designs created using the Vdesigner can be stored and runned in your lighting controller…..

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• Select accurate static or dynamic colors
Create your own shapes and effects by the click of a button
• Simple drag and drop of presets to device
• Easy placement of your 2D reference layout
• Fast upload of finished design to device via USB


Video tutorial

Vdesigner manual

Please note color calibration profiles are no longer included with Vdesigner. Only generic non color calibrated profiles are included.

VX01 at Monumental Landmark in Spain

VX01 at Monumental Landmark in Spain

The leading company Philips installed the VX01 Installation in Casas Colgadas in Spain. This innovative Viso control system technology has enhanced the…