A fast spectrometer sensor is the heart of Viso’s light measurement system.  Accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use are our core values

We focus on our clients’ specifications and we customize to your business needs. We are there to support you all the way

Get all the data/measurements with a single device. No need for having both an integrating sphere and a photogoniometer.

Use great Viso standard reports or make your own light measurement output templates. Make fast reports for both marketing and internal use

New: Goniospectrometer UV light measurements

spectrometry sensor

The new “LabSensor UV-VIS” measures both UV light and visual light simultaneously. The new sensor works with the LabSpion and BaseSpion goniometer solutions.

The new system provides 3D UV distribution, not just point measurements and, with advanced measurements, it is also possible to do UV simulations for irradiation dose scenarios. An example would be using UV lamps to disinfect surfaces without chemicals. Germicidal ultraviolet light can kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi on surfaces, in air or in water in a matter of seconds. Recently, the germicidal effects of UVC has become popular in disinfection of the COVID-19 virus (SARS-COV-2). Additionally, UV Light is also used for various kinds of light therapy, UV tanning and industrial applications (curing of glue, polymers, and prints).

The sensor includes an advanced calibration light source. With this lamp you can make your own calibrations whenever you need it. It will save laboratory down-time and calibration costs.

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The smallest light measurement unit

The smallest Viso measurement system, the award-winning ” LightSpion“, makes advanced light measurements accessible to almost anyone. The portable system can be taken anywhere – even on flights.

Simple, yet advanced: The LightSpion measures all the spectral qualities you dream of and light distribution in up to 8 c-planes. It automatically compensates for ambient light. Thus, it is possible to measure outside the laboratory with reasonable precision.

The LightSpion uses the same advanced software as other Viso systems. With the user-friendly Light Inspector software, you will be able to analyze, correct and communicate your results efficiently and competently