A fast spectrometer sensor is the heart of Viso’s light measurement system.  Accuracy, efficiency, and ease of use are our core values

We focus on our clients’ specifications and we customize to your business needs. Thus, we are there to support you all the way

Get all the data/measurements with a single device. No need for having both an integrating sphere and a photogoniometer.

Use great Viso standard reports or make your own light measurement output templates. Make fast reports for both marketing and internal use

Data for the EPREL database?

Data for the EPREL database?

Shortcuts to our most popular solutions

The LabFlicker instrument records all contemporary TLAs (temporal light artifacts): Flicker and stroboscopic effects including SVM and PstLM. LabFlicker connects to all Viso systems

The new “LabSensor UV-VIS” measures both UV light and visual light simultaneously. The new sensor works with the LabSpion and BaseSpion goniometer solutions.

Our most versatile goniometer system. Measure light sources up to 1,5 m (2,0 with extended tower) and 25 kg. Measure visual light with LabSpion VIS and both UV light and Visual light with LabSpion UV-VIS

New: LabRail

LabRail for Light Measurement
  • Ideal for LabSpion with any sensor. The LabRail system combines a full-size goniometer with a rail-based sensor system
  • Keeps your spectrometer sensor perfectly aligned with the optical axis at all times
  • Automatically optimizes the distance from the sensor to the goniometer according to CIE S 025/E:2015 guidelines and the signal-to-noise ratio
  • Sensor movement along the rail is motorized and sensor distance can be optimized for any size of light source
  • Ascertains that distance input to data processing is always correct
  • Distance can be set manually via the software and the sensor will fly into position
  • All power feed and data transfer goes through the rail itself. No loose cords
  • All power feed and data transfer goes through the rail itself. No loose cords

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Portable light measurement unit

The smallest Viso measurement system, the award-winning ” LightSpion“, makes advanced light measurements accessible to almost anyone. Furthermore, the portable system can be taken anywhere – even on flights.

Simple, yet advanced: The LightSpion measures all the spectral qualities you dream of and light distribution in up to 8 c-planes. In addition, it automatically compensates for ambient light. Thus, it is possible to measure outside the laboratory with reasonable precision.

The LightSpion uses the same advanced software as other Viso systems. With the user-friendly Light Inspector software, you will be able to analyze, correct and communicate your results efficiently and competently.