Viso technology fits many photometric applications. See what Viso can do for your business, your brand and your client relations.

Your special photometric application

Didn’t you find your specific application above? Just give is a call. Every client is different. We would be glad to think about adapting our systems to your needs. In general, our measurements actually contain all of the raw data needed. Consequently, the only adaptions needed could be small software additions. Or we can add special output reports including dedicated calculations or diagrams.

Many clients work with special photometric application standards. Such standards might also belong to specific regions or countries. We know many standards, but not all. Give us a call and let us see how we can help you out.

Viso goniospectrometer solutions

Photometry is used to measure the light quantity – the intensity emitted by a source. The terms used in photometry are: Radiant flux, luminous flux, luminous intensity and efficiency, and illuminance. The radiant flux is defined as the total quantity of energy which is radiated by a source per second. Read more about photometric applications  here

In Viso Systems, we use goniospectrometers to obtain all photometric values as well as all color data. A spectrometer captures radiometric intensities per wavelength. Consequently, we can calculate all other photometric values from such spectral power distribution data. Read more about photometry here.