Goniophotometers for entertainment lighting

Entertainment lighting has developed into a complex field of solutions including video, lighting and control technology that provide and facilitate great visual experiences in sporting events, concerts, museums, film, TV, convention centers etc.

Professional providers of lighting equipment must support clients with lots of photometric data. A Viso solution will give you all of the of the photometric data you need and even more.

We have systems specialized for the powerful lamps that is your business. With a Viso system in you lab, you just need to measure once to get the full lumen package, intensity in all direction and all color data (CIExy, CCT, CRI and much more). And goes for strobe lamps too: With our revolutionary setup, we can fully measure strobe lamps WHILE THEY FLASHING, and get the same data as when measuring any other lamp.

Why get your own lab?

  • Having your own lab pays off. Our clients generally claim that pay-back time is 6-12 months depending on external laboratory costs
  • Your internal R&D will perform much faster and gain competencies. Better optical solutions and faster time-to-market
  • Build trust in your products and brand and strengthen your client relations by having lots of data ready
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Basic outputs for entertainment  lighting

Light distribution curve entertainment lighting

Light distribution curve
With high measurement detail (up to 72 C-planes and up to 0.1-degree gamma resolution) there is data in abundance to plot. 3D plot are included as well

RGB spectrum entertainment lighting

As light is detected with a Viso fast spectrometer sensor, spectral data is recorded in every measurement. A Viso goniometer will even provide ‘color over angle’ data (not possible with an integrating sphere) 


Illuminance plot
Illuminance (lx/foot-candles) in various distances (m/ft) from the light source is often an essential design parameter

Power curve from light measurement

Power characteristics 
All Viso goniometers have a built-in power analyzer. The analyzer will help you to determine when light sources are stabilized. Important power data (wattage, efficacy, power factor etc.) are standard

Further outputs

Fundamental radiation data

  • Peak Candela
  • Beam angle
  • Polar light distribution curves
  • Linear light distribution curves
  • List item
  • Strobe lights (via LabAnalyzer): Flash pulse characteristics and timing

Color and color deviation data 

  • CIE color coordinates x,y
  • CCT / Correlated Color Temp. [K]
  • CRI / Color Rend. Index / Ra (1-14)
  • TM30-18 indices and graphics
  • CQS index and graphics
  • SCDM (MacAdam steps)

Lighting design and data export

  • Isolux/iso-candela plots
  • Full raw data export to MS Excel etc.
  • Optional web-based tracking system
  • Customizable PDF reports

Power and warm-up data

  • Wattage [W] and efficacy (lm/W)
  • Current [A] and voltage [V]
  • Current and voltage THD [%]
  • Warm-up time and variation
  • Automatic stabilization

Popular additions

Add great tools to your system, capture more data and ease your work

The LabFlicker instrument records all contemporary TLAs (temporal light artifacts): Flicker and stroboscopic effects including PstLM. LabFlicker connects to all Viso systems

Add a LabTemp 3-port temperature probe system for monitoring ambient lab temperature and 3 temperature spots

Measure strobe lights just like any other lamp. With LabAnalyzer sensor sync functionality, your pulsed light can be measured flashing