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Icon Liteline Daniel Silverstein, Liteline, Canada (Read full un-edited review)

  • With the LabSpion we now measure more than a dozen fixtures per week.
  • Colour vs angle is very helpful and a unique feature.
  • Reduced cost from using external labs means the system was paid back in less than 1 year.

Icon Ledrabrands Matt Samuel, LEDRABrands, USA (Read full un-edited review)

  • The LabSpion allows us to create our own IES files, which we publish on our website.
  • Before we outsourced ALL of our photometric testing which was a costly and time consuming process.
  • The engineering department uses Viso daily to assist with product development.

Icon Haakan Haakan Jordanson, Nokalux, Sweden (Read full un-edited review)

  • LabSpion has reduced our measurement time significantly to an average of 8 minutes per fixture.
  • Before we paid €800 for a measurement at a external lab.
  • The quality of our lumineres has increased as we can test faster.

Icon Arlight Aleksandr Goncharov, Arligh, Russia(Read full un-edited review)

  • Before the LabSpion we had to use a combination of an integration sphere and hand-held spectrometers, which imposed many measurement errors.
  • The software has a user-friendly interface and it is very fast.

Icon Rect John Cheung, Retc, Hong Kong(Read full un-edited review)

  • BaseSpion and LabSpion allows us measure 50 lamps per week.
  • Viso helps us save time so we can focus on quality aspect.
  • The system was paid back in less than one year.

Icon Korona Stephan Meyer, Korona , Germany(Read full un-edited review)

  • The arrival of LED technology required us to do much more measurement to maintian development schedules.
  • The LightSpion + Extender also made it possible for us develop solution of specialized highend projects.
  • Before it took 2 weeks or more to get a single measurement done by an external lab and would cost €650.

Icon botlighting Matteo Botner, Botlighting, Italy(Read full un-edited review)

  • After developing an internal testing facility we have been much quicker and effective in selecting materials and also our partners.
  • Customers appreciate that our company has the right instruments for our R&D which has improved our reputation in the market.

Icon molto luce Robert Francij, Molto Luce, Austria(Read full un-edited review)

  • With LabSpion are we faster in the engineering phase, so we are able to bring our products to market a lot faster.
  • We primary use the system for measuring prototypes, such as checking the efficiency of a reflector.

Icon Matthew ACDC Matthew Earnshaw, ACDC, England(Read full un-edited review)

  • With the LightSpion + Extender we can now turn around any measurement within a matter of minutes.
  • Before we had to ship our lamps and pay £300 per measurement.
  • The system was paid back in 1-2 weeks, due to quantity of measurements we needed to perform.

Icon stella brazil Martin Nahr, Stella, Brazil

  • The LabSpion makes it possible to quickly compare our products for both quality control and competitive purposes.
  • Fast product comparisons have also improved our sales process.

Icon LEDsource orlando Kurt Storey, Flexaray, USA(Read full un-edited review)

  • The BaseSpion system now allows to make IES fast and easily.
  • Before we had to wait 2-4 weeks to IES files from external lab.
  • We can now supply customers with complete photometric data.