ABOUT Viso Systems

Viso Systems was founded in 2005. Over the past 17 years, it has grown and developed into what is now a mid-sized, prosperous company which incorporates some of the most skillful and experienced professionals within the lighting industry.

Here at Viso in Copenhagen, Denmark, we design, develop and manufacture OEM- and customer-specific goniospectrometer solutions. We supply the lighting market with innovative light measurement and control technology that is of the highest quality and precision. We simplify the complexity of measurements and control systems by delivering easy and intuitive user interfaces. The implementation of our unique technology in our products, for example, a fully automated real-time color correction functionality, puts us on the forefront of smart fully integrated control and measurement solutions.

At Viso Systems, our mission is to support the luminaire manufacturers with powerful, yet easy-to-use measurement and control solutions. Hence we hope to help expanding the marketplace for white and color-changing luminaire manufacturers and increase the installation and market potential for such lighting devices.

Goniospectrometer Design

Cutting-edge and modern design is key for the success of our solutions, as the quality of our products is reflected in their visual representation in installations. Therefore, the first step of the creation of new products is always connected with a thorough and deliberate design. Hence designs are fitted perfectly with the specific types of new products’ application. Afterwards we make sure that all installation and service requirements are fulfilled. We also support customers with their own individual laboratory designs in order to fulfil their requirements and provide the best services possible.


Throughout the past 157 years, Viso has obtained a vast amount of experience in hardware and software development of solutions for measuring and controlling light for a variety of applications. As a result, our areas of expertise stretch from small embedded solutions to extensive windows applications. Our hardware and software are considered some of the most intuitive on the market, whether creating LDT and IES files or generating PPFD files for horticultural lighting. Our goniospectrometer systems measure lighting fixtures up to 1.5 meters in diameter. What’s more, all of our hardware solutions are delivered with the Light Inspector Software included, which also enables users to customize their reports as well as track and trace the measurement, if desired.

goniospectrometer Manufacturing 

In order to comply with our high standards of quality, Viso has established very effective partnerships with experienced and reliable sub-suppliers. Moreover, our products are meticulously tested and certified before shipment. We are also proficient at handling prototype series for new designs and high commercial volumes. A two-year warranty is standard.