Combined AC and DC power analyzer

Revolutionary: Measure strobe lights while they are flashing

Measure flashing light


Viso LabAnalyzer is an advanced AC and DC power analyzer that complies with light measurements standards (IES LM-79 and CIE S 025). LabAnalyzer fully integrates with your Viso light measurement system and software, and facilitates remote sensing (measuring voltage directly at the light source terminals).

Measure flashing light

Revolutionary: Measure flashing light sources

One of the two LabAnalyzer models makes it possible for the first time to perform a full 3D light distribution on a strobe lamp – while it is flashing.

This is achieved by synchronizing a Viso sensor with the current pulses measured by the LabAnalyzer. This allows you to accurately measure flashing light sources.

The system even measures the details of the flash waveform, peak voltage, amperes and intensity, period length, number of flashes per period, flash lengths and interval lengths, etc.

This is done by synchronizing the integration time of the sensor with the current readings, which is a new, revolutionary system. Never before has it been so easy to measure strobe lights.

Watch the video on measuring flashing light sources.


If your light sources do not flash, LabAnalyzer also comes in a model without the synchronization option at a lower cost.

Measure flashing light

Connect to any Viso light measurement system

Measure flashing light
LabPower Display


Dedicated Viso AC/DC power analyzer

Two models – with and without sensor synchronisation (for strobe lights)

Revolutionary sensor sync version: measure pulsed light sources as easily as other light sources

Complies with CIE S 025/ IES LM-79 requirements

Versatile measurement range (up to 100 kHz, 2-270V AC/DC, up to around 2000 W)

Real-time readout on built-in display

Remote sensing feature for optimal accuracy

Full integration with any Viso System
(In sensor sync version: all BaseSpion and LabSpion systems + LightSpion 2024 versions and later)


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LabAnalyzer Specifications

Data out
Active power and apparent power
THD harmonics
Displacement factor (AC)
Power factor (AC)

Sync version: Flash period details

AC/DC voltage range 2 – 450 V
AC Voltage peak 826 V
AC current peak range 3 mA – 16.5 A

Max. AC power: 1700W @240V /
850W @120 V
Max. DC power: 1700W @240V /
850W @120 V / 170W @24V/ 85W @12V

Physical data
Peli case 11 cm (H) x 27 cm (W) x 18 cm (H)
Weight: Device 2 kg + cables
Mains cable
USB Cable
Remote Sensing cable

Power in
Maximum Input voltage
AC: 270 VAC 50/60 Hz
DC: 380 V

Maximum input Current 
14A peak and 7A RMS

Voltage 0.2% of reading + 0.2% of range

Current 0.3% of reading + 0.3% of range

Other Viso Accesories

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Add a CALI-T50 lamp to make your own system calibrations

The LabFlicker instrument records all contemporary flicker metrics including PstLM and connects to all Viso systemsms

The extender of the LightSpion allows you to measure lamps that are up to 22 cm in diameter by extending the sensor distance

Upgrade your existing sensor to provide a broader measurement range (eg. UV) or higher accuracy