At the heart of every measurement system is ascertaining that results are correct. Hence, light measurement systems need to be calibrated regularly. That goes for handheld devices too. All light measurements systems gradually changes in time . This is a result of physical deterioration, temperature variation and contamination. Consequently, regular maintenance is essential for realistic uncertainty estimates.

American NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has issued an excellent paper on calibration issues and definitions: 


Viso Systems generally recommends that units are recalibrated every year or as a minimum every other year.

All Viso systems are delivered pre-calibrated. Further, it is possible to make a custom calibration of the spectrometer if desired.

All Viso solutions have two memory areas where calibration data can be stored. The first memory area contains the factory calibration. This cannot be edited. The second memory area contains a custom calibration. This can be changed by the user as many times as desired.

DO YOUR own calibrations

Viso Systems measurement systems can be recalibrated using Viso Systems own reference light sources, the CALI –T50/CALI-DT300 lamps. Alternatively, use a recalibration lamp of your own choice. The CALI accessory is included in LabSpion.

All CALI-T50/ CALI-DT300 light sources are traceable to Viso’s calibration lamp (Oriel lamp 7-3110, characterized by PTB, German National Metrology Institute, 40004-23-PTB, ILAC members as NIST).

Important: Calibrations must be made in a dark environment with non-reflective surfaces.


Let Viso Systems help you with your recalibrations. Just send your sensor alternatively your LightSpion suitcase to Copenhagen for recalibration.  Remember to include original reference lamps. Expect 1-2 weeks lead time including UPS freight. Naturally, our goal is to keep your lab down-time as low as possible! Send your service request directly to Viso headquarters ( or to your local distributor.  


Make sure to have your system calibrated every year (or as a minimum every other year).  

Prior to sending your LabSensor/BaseSensor/LightSpion to Viso System, make sure to locate all original reference lamps such as REF-800, CALI-T50 and CALI-DT300. We will recharacterize the reference lamp(s) with your newly calibrated sensor to make sure they match up going forward