Labdisc straylight baffle

LabDisc removes the last bit of stray light. Although all laboratory surfaces are black, a small amount of light is always reflected. This straylight can reach your sensor and interfere with your results. Therefore, it is important to avoid straylight from the dark surfaces around the goniometer.

Viso sensors have a narrow field of view, which is covered by LabDisc. At the correct sensor distance, the small hole in the middle ensures a full view of the light source. LabDisc thus eliminates all straylight from side walls, ceiling and floor.

In addition, LabDisc reduces straylight from the rear wall to a minimum.

LabDisc in darkroom

LabDisc is also available in a version for BaseSpion light measurement systems. The magnetic foot fits the rail and is always perfectly aligned with sensor and the light source.

At 0.5 m distance, the LabDisc assertains that the sensor just ‘sees’ the light source. Hence, LabDisc effectively removes straylight from nearby walls and (at larger distances) from the rail itself.


Removes as much straylight as possible

Fits all Viso LabSpion tripods and LabRails

Fits all BaseSpion rails (a powerful magnet mount replaces the clamp)

At the appropriate sensor distance, the baffle disc allows a full view to the whole light source while screening out all straylight from sidewalls, ceiling and floor


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Product images

Stem-version for BaseSpion available. Includes magnet rail mount.
Moving and centering is very easy

LabDisc System for LabSpion

Inner/outer diameter is 90/340 mm.
At the right sensor distance, the whole luminaire is visible through the hole

LabDisc Clamp

Easy installation on LabSpion:
Just tighten the powerful clamp on your LabSensor tripod or the LabRail stem

LabDisc Knob

LabSpion: Adjust the position of the disc
in front of the sensor
and tighten a single knob

LabDisc Specifications

Baffle inner / outer diameter
90 / 340 mm

Length of arm – LabSpion / Basespion
580 mm / 210 mm

1.2 kg

Black powder coated aluminium & steel

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