Characterizing Photometric Flicker. Handheld Meters.
U.S. Department of Energy, November 2018

The U.S. Department of Energy has published a full report entitled, “Characterizing Photometric Flicker – Handheld Meters” and if you want to brush up on your understanding of flicker. Viso’s LabFlicker is part of this investigation.

The project aims to increase Denmark’s participation in IEA’s Solid State Lighting, SSL annex with expertise with SSL technology and light measurements. Two Danish laboratories has participated in an international round-robin test and proven their abilities (report in Danish)

Viso LightSpion Test. Test of LightSpion made in collaboration with DTU
Danish Technical University, Photonics Laboratory Risø, February 2013

To test the accuracy of the LightSpion portable system DTU Photonics has made a series of test using the LightSpion. The tests have been performed using integrating sphere, spectrometer, calibration bulb. This setup can perform complete luminous flux measurements in lumen using the integrated spectrum including color temperature and CRI.