The LabFlicker is a semi-handheld flicker tester for all common light sources. All relevant flicker graphics and metrics – including SVM and PstLM – are displayed.

Flicker tester - LabFlicker

It connects directly to the Light Inspector software giving you live preview of your flicker signal. The LabFlicker instrument can be used with any PC – with or without a Viso goniospectrometer. Hence, the LabFlicker instrument and the Viso Light Inspector software on your PC constitute a portable and precise flicker measurement solution. Raw flicker data can be downloaded for more thorough investigations. As a result, LabFlicker is ideal for laboratories that need to comply with the EU Ecodesign directive or US Energy Star requirements ( Bulbs / Luminaires).

The smart signal processing algorithm frames and calculates your flicker data in real-time. The LabFlicker can be used as a stand-alone flicker tester but gets more powerful when used together with any Viso goniometer. Because all flicker data can be integrated into light measurement files, the complete photometric data set can be exported into one complete report. This eliminates the complicated hassle of combining multiple systems together in order to create a report.

Flicker tester comparison

The U.S. Department of Energy has published a full report entitled, “ Characterizing Photometric Flicker – Handheld Meters” and if you want to brush up on your understanding of flicker. Viso’s LabFlicker is part of this investigation.


Ideal for measurements of the new flicker metrics: PstLM and SVM

One of the highest sampling rates in the market to improve accuracy

The instrument uses the high capacity of your PC for advanced live display, and fast data handling

Seamless integration of output into other Viso light measurements

Also works as a stand-alone device for in-situ measurements

Full export of raw data

Generate flicker reports – for internal purposes or marketing.

Main applications


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Flicker Tester Specifications

Measurement Results


Percent Flicker

Flicker index


JA8/10 & ASSIST Mp


Full sample modulation graph

Single period graph

FFT – frequency domain graph

Live view


Dimensions: L115 x W53 x H13 mm

Weight: 155 g

Frequency Bandwidth: 0 – 2000 Hz

Sensor Range: 1,200 – 11,000 lux/ 
12 cd @ 0.1 m to 1,100,000 cd @ 10 m

Sampling and setup

Sensor Analog to Digital sample rate: 640,000 sample/s

Software working sample rate: 40,000 samples/s (SVM/PstLM 20/10 ksamples/s)

Connection: Micro USB, 5 m cable

Other Viso Accessories

Add a LabTemp 3-port temperature probe system for monitoring temperature of device under test

Add a Cali-T50 lamp to make your own system calibrations

Easy positioning of your LabSpion sensor. Replace your tripod with a rail-mount for your sensor including distance detector

The extender of the LightSpion allows you to measure lamps that are up to 22 cm in diameter by extending the sensor distance

Upgrade your existing sensor to provide a broader measurement range (eg. UV) or more accuracy