A more versatile bracket that snaps on and off

LabSpion Lamp bracket set Model II
LabSpion Lamp bracket set Model II

A great accessory

The new LabSpion Lamp Brack Model II is available as an accessory for all existing LabSpion systems. The Model II bracket makes it even easier to attach all sorts of light sources and luminiares to the goniometer.

It is detachable – which means you can take it off and bring it to the workshop. This a great feature especially for heavy or big light sources.

For more specification please refer to the Product Leaflet.

LabSpion Lamp Bracket Model II
LabSpion lamp bracket extender - on gonio


If you have very big light sources, get the extension set consisting of two extra perforated plates that can be attached any way you wish using the finger screws in the set.

LabSpion Extensions Model II
LabSpion lamp bracket extender - front


The detailed hole pattern creates many possibilies for mounting light sources

Fits all LabSpion models

Remove the whole bracket and take it to the workshop

Fast and easy attachment to the gonio tower with two sturdy hooks and two large finger screws


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