When measuring low voltage light sources, an external low voltage power supply is essential.

Viso light measurement systems all work fine with external DC power supplies. Any low voltage power supply can be used. Just type your settings into the Viso software

If you want full integration with the Viso “Light Inspector” software you may use one of these compatible power supplies. For these type, Viso interfaces exist and settings are communicated automatically to the Viso software.

Programmable 300 W Power Supply 0-60V DC / Max. 15A
Led-Display and USB 2.0-connection

Programmable 160 W Power Supplies:
SSP8160: 0-42V DC / Max. 10A
SSP8162: 0-84V DC / Max. 5A
Led-Display and USB connection

Programmable Power Supply 0-30V DC / Max. 5A
Led-Display and USB 2.0-connection


An external power supply is especially handy if your mains supply is not very stabile. Further, some incandescent light sources are very sensible toward mains voltage fluctuations.

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  • LabPower is a dedicated Viso 250 W AC power supply and power analyzer
  • Full integration with any Viso light measurement system
  • Complies with EN13032/CIE S 025/LM79
  • Versatile output range 90-260 VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Stable output – removes all mains voltage fluctuations
  • No harmonic distortion – pure sine wave
  • Real-time readout of Voltage and Current curves and color display on device
  • No resonance artifacts from advanced regulation loops
  • No resonance artifacts from advanced regulation loops
  • Optional remote voltage sensing for optimal accuracy
  • Generate comprehensive PDF/Excel report via Viso Light Inspector software
Viso LabPower (coming soon)


Viso light measurement systems have built in power analyzers that will give all power details: Wattage, PF, DPF etc.

Some clients prefer their own power analyzer. If you want full integration with the Viso “Light Inspector” software you may use these compatible power analyzers.

GW Instek GPM-8310 is a digital power meter for single-phase (1P/2W) AC power measurement. Features include DC, 0.1Hz~100kHz test bandwidth, 16bits A/D, and 300 kHz sampling rate. It adopts 5” TFT LCD screen with a five-digit measurement display and provides 25 power measurement related parameters, and has a high-precision measurement capability.

GW Instek GPM-8310

Yokogawa WT310 (discontinued)


Most Viso accessories connect to your PC with USB cables. With a full range of accessories (such as LabFlicker, LabTemp and LabTarget) being close to your measurement system (LabSpion/BaseSpion) you might like to run all communication with both the light measurement system and all accessories through the same USB cable to your PC.

For this setup we recommend:

1. NEDIS USB Hub, 8 ports – QC3.0 – USB 3.2 
– Mains Powered – USB Powered – 5 Gbps USB 

2. USB 3.0 Active booster Extension cable – 20 m
– USB 3.0 and backward compatible
– Data transfer up to 5 Gb/s
– USB A male to USB A female
– Power supply included

3. USB 3.0 cable – USB-A male to USB Micro B male – 5 m
Data transfer up to 5 Gb/s

Extension Setup
Extension Setup for Viso LabSpion/Basespion with USB Hub