installation Light quality laboratory


Installation and commissioning of all Viso products is easy – just follow the manuals. Actually, a LabSpion goniometer can be set up and be ready to measure in less than 30 minutes. All packages can be lifted by one person and no special tools or lifting gear is necessary.

Making your own lighting laboratory is not complicated. Check out the guidelines presented in this manual.

The standard  ANSI/IES LM-79-19 also provides valuable advise. 


If you are not comfortable installing and commissioning the equipment on your own, Viso engineers are happy to help you out at affordable rates. 

An experienced engineer will then supervise or make installation and guide you through your first measurements. Furthermore, you will get tips and tricks for optimizing your set-up, and the use of the Light Inspector software will be demonstrated.

installation VIDEO

Watch this short time-lapse video to see just how fast a LabSpion is installed