The portable Viso LightSpion® enables you to fully measure any light source of up to 8 cm (3.15”) in diameter within 30 seconds. It measures all photometric and spectrometric data and no expert knowledge is required. C omprehensive  LDT and  IES  simulation files are standard outputs.

The LightSpion goniometer can even be used outside the dark room, making it a great tool for on-site inspections and also to strengthen your sales force. The special “ambient light correction” system automatically subtracts any steady ambient light from your measurement results.

With a weight of only 6 kg (13.2 lbs) and no sharp metal parts, LightSpion can be carried as hand luggage during any flight.


The system consists of a pre-calibrated spectrometer operating in the range of visible light 360-800 nm and a goniometer. LightSpion measures the entire visible spectrum from a light source and gathers a full 360 ° photometric field distribution in two c-planes. Then the device calculates CRI, color temperature and a complete luminous flux in the lumen. A built-in high-speed 70 k/sec power analyzer measures voltage and current and instantly presents accurate information on power consumption and lumen per watt efficiency.

The LightSpion® suitcase easily connects to your computer via a USB plug. Included with the LightSpion goniometer is the Viso Light Inspector software. The user interface displays the measured data in a clear and simple way, while also allowing for more detailed investigation of the collected data.

LightSpion Linear lamp

A further feature of LightSpion  goniometer is that it is possible to measure linear light sources such as LED tubes and strips. The procedure is simple: Place the linear light source on the goniometer, type the full length of the source in the software window and start your data collection.


Measures light sources up to 1 kg (2.2 lbs)/ Ø80 mm (3.15”)

A portable light measurement system

All color and lumen data – no integrating sphere needed

An advanced system which is very easy to operate

Output as customizable reports or raw data

Main applications


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LightSpion Goniometer Specifications

Measurement method
Far field, type C horizontal
Flux range (@ 0.66 m): 10 – 50,000 lm 

Standard spectrometer range
Standard 360 nm – 830 nm

Sensor distance range
66 cm (27.0”)
(optional: 66/115/182 cm (27.0/45.3/71.7’’)
w/  LightSpion Extender)

C-plane rotation
Standard 2 C-planes,
manual: Up to 8 C-planes

Light source diameter range
0 – 80 mm (3.15”) 
(optional: 0 – 220 mm
LightSpion Extender )

Light source maximum weight
1 kg (2.2 lbs)
(optional: 4 kg (8.8 lbs) w/ LightSpion Extender )

Mains power
90 to 260 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Lumen, Peak candela, CCT, Spectrum, CRI, TM30, CQS, Beam angle, 3D Light distribution, Power specs, lm/W, etc.

Popular additions

Add great tools to your system, capture more data and ease your work

The LabFlicker instrument records all contemporary flicker metrics including SVM and PstLM and connects to all Viso systems

The extender of the LightSpion allows you to measure lamps that are up to 220 mm (8.7”) in diameter by extending the sensor distance

Just connect LightSpion to your PC with the free Viso Light Inspector software and you have a complete measurement system.