Spend some time watching Viso video tutorials and get an in-depth understanding of measuring principles and practices. Video demonstrations is an easy way of learning how to use your equipment.

Comparing systems (1:26:26)

Webinar of Viso’s light measurement technology for S025 and flicker measurement standards TLA with SVM and PstLM. Also live demonstration of new UV measurement capabilities of UVA, UVB and UVC making it easy to get any values in µw/cm2 for any direction or total radiated energy in Joules.

Presenter: Christian Krause, Director

Flicker and stroboscopic effects (23:29)

This video summarizes the EU Ecodesign regulations on Temporal Light Artifacts as they will come into force 1st September 2021. The old and new flicker metrics are explained, and a practical method to measure TLA’s is demonstrated.

Presenter: Anne Bay, Technical Sales Director

The Light Inspector software (30:49)

This webinar goes in details on how to use the Viso light measurement system with the Light Inspector software. All the features of the software are shown step by step.

Presenter:  Christian Krause, Director