Measure DALI and DMX/RDM solutions


A Small revolution

Until now, it has been really difficult to do automatic light measurements of controllable light sources in multiple settings.
Viso LightInterface is a gamechanger: It enables you to set up a measurement sequence that tests your solution in multiple variables and levels

Measure DALI and DMX

LightInterface handes all contemporary wired protocols: DALI, DMX/RDM, and 0-10V. Simply connect LightInterface to your measurement PC. The free Viso Light Inspector software automatically detects LightInterface, and allows you to set up your control sequence.

Both device definitions and control sequence configurations can be saved and reused. This allows you to test your controllable systems systematically, and save all results in one file.

Measure DALI and DMX

Build your own control templates

Build your own control schemes in Viso Light Inspector software: No matter which protocol that you are working with, your can set up a specific protocol and save it as a template. 

You can regulate a single parameter or combinations of two parameters.

During measurement start up, chose your device and and the desired test protocol. Then the system will automatically run your normal measurement followed by the regulation protocol. Hence, both your regular ligt measurement and result in different control settings can be saved in the same file.

Results can be presented just as you wish

Control Matrix
LightInterface Rear

All of the wired control connections you can possibly dream of: LightInterface supports protocols DMX, DALI and 0-10V.

Just connect to your measurement PC with the free Viso Light Inspector software and you are good to go. (24V supply not necessary for normal use)


Controls light sources during tests

Enables measuring light sources in dimmed or color-tuned stages

Supports protocols DMX/RDM, DALI, DALI2 and 0-10V

Integrates seamlessly with Viso Light Inspector software

Evaluates the impact of regulation on efficacy, color quality, and flicker etc.

Generate comprehensive PDF/Excel reports via Viso Light Inspector software

Compatible with all Viso light measurement systems

Main applications


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LightInterface Specifications

Supported protocols
DMX/RDM (up to 512 channels)
DALI – DALI2 (Channels: Dim, CCT, CIExy, RGB, Amber, White, Free)
0-10V /1-10V (up to 4 channels)

Software solution
Viso Light Inspector (free)
w/ new control features
Also supports wireless control

Physical data
Powder coated steel housing
180 mm * 75 mm * 52mm
Weight: Device 600 g
+ 2 m USB-B to USB-A cable

Power and data
Data and power via USB to PC

Other Viso Accesories

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