Labarazzi – the unique flicker generator

The Labarazzi® TLA generator is your tool to generate flickering light for test and demonstration.
Use the preset flicker signals or design your own signals. Test your flicker meter or your video camera.
Use Labarazzi flicker generator in quality tests, lighting education and in research projects

Labarazzi flicker generator

See a live flicker signal

Viso Systems Labarazzi is the only commercially available TLA generator in the world. Labarazzi is a professional laboratory and demo light source that generates precise temporal light artifacts (TLA). The Labarazzi includes a 1100 lumen LED light source.

Signal presets

The Labarazzi offers 26 preset flicker signals. Navigate between the signals with indications of waveform, frequency, flicker percent, duty cycle, modulation depth, PstLM and SVM.

Design your own signal

Design your own, customized flicker signal. Choose your waveform (square, sawtooth, triangle, sine and cosine) and add frequency, modulation depth and duty cycle. Then watch the result with the built-in LED 3000 K (CRI 80) light source.

Labarazzi flicker generator

Using the Labarazzi flicker generator

The Labarazzi is a rugged, laboratory-style flicker generator. It works both as a stand-alone unit and controlled via Viso Light Inspector software.

The Labarazzi can be used in education to demonstrate different types of flicker, stroboscopic effects, and phantom array effects.

Your choice of flickering light can be experienced immediately via the dimmable, built-in LED light source. The signal can also be transferred to an external unit, while the built-in LED can be turned off.

The Labarazzi can stand on a table – the LED facing downward and being well protected against direct view. The unit may also lie on a table or a shelf with the light source facing backward e.g., illuminating a wall in a non-glary manner.

The Labarazzi has a USB connector allowing it to be connected to the Viso Light Inspector software. The software makes it possible to control the Labarazzi and to add or remove stored flicker curves in the device. Custom flicker curves can also be generated or added from excel/.csv and stored in the device, including all flicker parameters such as SVM and PstLM, which are automatically calculated and shown with all flicker presets.

Labarazzi Software

Main applications

Demonstration of flickering light – in education and sales

Temporal Light Artifact research

Test of digital cameras and video cameras for TLA interference

Flicker tester calibration


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Product images

Labarazzi flicker generator

See the flickering light directly with the built-in light source (1100 lm, 3000 K) or turn it off

Labarazzi flicker generator

Choose your orientation: Labarazzi can lie on a shelf or stand upright on the table

Labarazzi flicker generator

Easily navigate through all options via the multi-function selector button

Labarazzi flicker generator

Easily connect to Viso Light Inspector software via USB, and load custom signals. BNC plug for 0-3 V signal output

Labarazzi Specifications

Built-in Light Source
0- 1100 lm (0-300 mA)
CRI 80, Warm white CCT 3000 K

Flat = DC / sine / square / triangle / saw / cosine / PWM / Custom

Modulation depth 0-100%
Frequency bandwidth 0-100,000 Hz

Display parameters 
Frequency, Flicker Index, Modulation Depth, SVM, PstLM, Duty Cycle

Housing material
Powder coated steel

Mains cable with Schuco male plug

1.3 kg (2.2 lbs)

Power supply input
85 to 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 40W

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