Want to measure light? In this page you can get an overview of Viso’s light measurement products.

State-of-the art software: Light Inspector ®

Your everyday tool to measure light and get and reports

The Viso Light Inspector® controls all light measurement systems from Viso.
It is the most intuitive goniometer software system on the market. All measured light data is shown in-real time and the photometric results are displayed graphically to give you a fast overview.

Using a spectrometer sensor and a built-in power analyzer, the unique Viso technology enables fast measurements and ensures that all data is measured quickly, making other equipment such as integration spheres redundant. Comprehensive  LDT and  IES  simulation files are standard outputs.

Light Measurement Systems

Choose between three different sizes to fit your needs 

For large light sources.
Spectrometer sensor with built-in laser distance detector on tripod.

Light source max. 150 cm (4.9′)/ 25 kg (55 lbs)
Extended: max. 200 cm (6.6′)
Re-inforced: 45 kg (99 lbs)

For medium-sized light sources.
Spectrometer sensor slides on table-top rail.

Light source max. 54 cm (21.5”)
/ 9 kg (19.8 lbs)

Portable measurement laboratory for small light sources.
Fold-out spectrometer sensor.

Light source max. 8 cm (3.15”)/ 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Extended: max. 22 cm (8.7”)/ 4 kg (8.8 lbs)

LabSensor options
Standard VIS:    360 – 830 nm
UV-VIS:    200 – 830 nm
UV-VIS-NIR:   200 – 1100 nm
VIS-NIR: 360 – 1100 nm

BaseSensor options
Standard VIS:  360 – 830 nm
UV-VIS:  200 – 830 nm
UV-VIS-NIR:  200 – 1100 nm
VIS-NIR:   360 – 1100 nm

LightSpion sensor options
Standard VIS:  380 – 800 nm

Viso accessories

Add great tools to your system, capture more data and ease your work

The LabFlicker instrument records all contemporary flicker metrics including PstLM and connects to all Viso systems

Vertical cross-laser to be installed above your LabSpion or BaseSpion goniometer. Eases light source alignment

Add a Cali-T50 lamp to make your own system calibrations

The CALI-DT300 reference lamp enables clients with UV-VIS spectrometer sensor to make their own regular calibration

Add a LabTemp 3-port temperature probe system for monitoring ambient lab temperature and 3 temperature spots

The extender of the LightSpion allows you to measure lamps that are up to 22 cm in diameter by extending the sensor distance

Easy positioning of your LabSpion sensor.
Replace your tripod with a rail-mount for your sensor including distance detector

The unique Flicker/TLA generator.
With a built-in 1100 lumen light source. 

With the REF800 reference lamp you can quickly check your calibration status.

Your way to minimize straylight from your laboratory surfaces. Available in two versions for LabSpion and BaseSpion

LabPower is a dedicated Viso 250 W AC power supply and power analyzer – controls your power feed and provides detailed power data

Dedicated Viso AC/DC power analyzer with a broad range (up to 100 kHz, 2-270V AC/DC, up to around 2000 W). Revolutionary sensor sync version: measure pulsed light sources.