Viso PDF report templates plugin

In this page you can download Viso plugins for the Light Inspector software 

Make your reports special using your own design. Customize them to your needs, add your own logo, add some of the contents of the sample reports below. It is easy!


  • Compatible with Viso Light Inspector
  • Contains .rtf-files (edit in MS Word)
  • Download is free
  • Plugin allows you to build your own PDF output templates


• Press the download button for the template you need

•  Once the template is downloaded, go to your “Download” folder and double click on the file

•  Now ,the template will automatically be added to your templates collection in your dedicated measurements folder (usually C:Users’YourUserName’DocumentsViso SystemsLight Inspector). The template is available as a PDF template in the PDF report generator in the Light Inspector software.

Customizing the templates

You may also change all templates for your own purposes. The templates are all .rtf (rich text format) files that can be altered in MS Word. The templates are organised as sections that you may use separately or collect into your own master templates:

•  Open the Main template (contains overall measurement conditions and results)

•  Open the template with contents that you want to add. Press Ctrl+A, then Ctrl+C. Now, all contents are copied to your clipboard

•  Revert to the Main template. Press Crtl+End, then Ctrl+V. Now the full contents of the other template have been added

•  Save template under a new name in your standard measurements folder (format: .rtf file).

Report plugin illustration