CKZE in Croatia acchieves EN 13032-4 acreditation The laboratory named Centre of competence for green energy (CKZE) in Rugvica, which offers testing of the photometric and colorimetric parameters of the […]
Measuring light sources with controls like DALI, DMX/RDM, and 0-10V has always been a hassle. The new Viso LightInterface provides the solution: It allows you to control your lamp during […]
Integration time photometry
Saving time in each measurement is key to making the most of your light measurement lab. Full Viso measurements typically takes 1-15 minutes. But how can accurate measurements be so […]
Fraen, Carlton Jones
Based i Massachusetts USA, Fraen Optics is a pioneer of optical solutions for High Powered LEDs. Fraen specializes in the design of optics for LED lighting, including: TIR collimators, reflectors, […]
Thank you all for a wonderful 2023 – we’ve met so many of you in the trade shows and had online interactions with even more. Thank you for inputs, comments […]
Aveo in EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in Las Vegas
It goes without saying that a light designed to be mounted on a wingtip or a fighter jet must be among the most rugged in the world, with very specific […]
Viso Hong Kong 2023
The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is one of the busiest gatherings for lighting professionals from around the world. The pandemic halted this important event, but now in 2023, Viso […]
Enjoy working with your data directly in Microsoft Excel. Viso Systems has introduced (beta version 6.97) a standard software feature that will allow you to extract measurement data directly to […]
Maybe now is a good time to plan for calibration?We recommend that your sensor is calibrated once per year (or as a minimum once every other year). There are two […]
Custom Report Design
Viso’s standard PDF reports are sufficient for most purposes, but you can also create your own designs. Take one of the editable templates as a basis and simply edit it […]
Sensor sync
We finalized a game-changing system: For all we know, nobody else has systems that can measure strobe lamps while they are strobing! This feature is relevant for many clients in […]
Measure flashing light
High-end power analyzer that is seamless integrated with Viso software. All Viso measuring systems come with a good built-in AC power analyzer – however it is limited to max. 300 […]
The easiest way of making your own, impressive PDF reports in a customized design is to adjust the pre-designed Viso templates. See the whole collection on the website:
Melanopic EDI lux
Viso Systems is introducing a standard software feature that will help you all the way if you want to know how your light sources affects the human circadian system. Our […]
Labarazzi at Lumen in Lyon
Who wants flickering light? – the French CSTB and Cluster Lumière do! For Viso Systems, this is great opportunity to demo the one-of-a-kind “Labarazzi” flicker generator. Thank you to Cluster […]