IES progress report
Thank you, IES, for mentioning the Viso UV-VIS measuring system, in the yearly Progress Report. This report highlights new advancements in lighting products, research, publications, and design tools from the […]
EPREL lighting
Struggling with EPREL? Now, all Viso systems allow you to extract EPREL data via the Light Inspector software and EPREL zip file generator. The Light Inspector software automatically generates your […]
Melanopic EDI
“A high melanopic EDI during the day is usually supportive for alertness, the circadian rhythm, and a good night’s sleep”. This is what the CIE concludes in a position statement […]
UVC Measurements
Every year, the IES (Illumination Engineering Society, US) issues a Progress report. This report highlights new advancements in lighting products, research, publications, and design tools from the past year. The […]
Labtemp DUT temperature2
Are you in control of your lab ambient temperature measurements? And the temperature of your device under test? According to light measurement standard CIE standard S 025/E:2015, the set ambient […]
LEDs magazine feature
LEDs Magazine asked Viso Systems to contribute with a special feature article for their latest issue. Planned pathogen prevention is key in avoiding installations that lead to a false sense […]
EPREL Lighting data
NEW EU LEGISLATION This year, new eco-design requirements will apply to almost all lighting products marketed in the EU. Importers and manufacturers are responsible for compliance. A central obligation is […]
Dialux Evo simulation
Using UV light in germicidal applications is popular. A new video introduces a method that allows you to design UV lighting installations with DIALux Evo 9.2. In this way, you […]
Nichia LED - germicidal violet
There are interesting news from Nichia: A dual purpose LED that offers quality light and germicidal benefits. A strong peak at 405 nm means that this LED can deactivate bacterial […]
Spectrum - unsplash
How can you explain germicidal UV doses? Which wavelengths are effective in disinfection? Which UV light source technologies are available today? How can I measure UV and effectiveness? These questions […]
UV light exposure chart
Measuring UV Light for disinfection (UVGI – UV Germicidal Irradiation) can be more difficult than visual light. There are more parameters and risks. It is difficult to compare solutions.Viso takes […]
DTU Fotonik logo
Light measurement standards require LED lamps and luminaires to be placed in their normal burning position during measurement. Further, rotation during measurement should be minimized to keep natural cooling. Doing otherwise would certainly lead to gross errors when measuring old […]
Accuracy in light measurements
A giant international interlaboratory comparison, IC2017, including 37 light measurement laboratories in 18 countries was conducted in 2017 through 2019*. General results are not yet public, participating labs have received their own results. In […]
Integration time photometry
CMOS (linear image sensor) integration time can be defined as the period over which the spectrometer collects photons in every goniometer measurement point. The length of this time is important: […]
Building your own photometry lab
Traditionally, a photometric laboratory took up lot of space, but a measurement system from Viso will fit in almost anywhere. Many clients ask for advice in terms of lab sizing, […]
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