The easiest way of making your own, impressive PDF reports in a customized design is to adjust the pre-designed Viso templates. See the whole collection on the website: https://www.visosystems.com/download-plugins/
Melanopic EDI lux
Viso Systems is introducing a standard software feature that will help you all the way if you want to know how your light sources affects the human circadian system. Our […]
Labarazzi at Lumen in Lyon
Who wants flickering light? – the French CSTB and Cluster Lumière do! For Viso Systems, this is great opportunity to demo the one-of-a-kind “Labarazzi” flicker generator. Thank you to Cluster […]
We are launching the ultimate 250 W AC combined power supply and power analyzer for all Viso measurement systems. Your AC mains power is not always stable and does not […]
Viso accessories
Are you sure your setup is optimal? During the last few years, we have launced a lot of accessories that might make your setup even better: LabDisc Removes that last […]
Season's Greetings 2022
Now that the year is coming to an end, we would like to send our warmest greetings to all business partners 2022 has really been an interesting year, not least […]
Isolux diagram
Over the last couple of years, a lot of improvements and new features (keywords and graphics) have been added to the PDF toolbox. With the latest revision, we have also […]
Calibration - Bull's Eye
Your light measurements are not more accurate than your calibration. All light measurement systems need to be calibrated regularly. That goes for handheld devices too. All light measurements systems gradually […]
Orientating your light sources on the goniometer is not always easy. The orientation is very important for your clients downstream and just how easy it will be for lighting designers […]
Light+Building 2022
We were more than busy in Viso Systems booth - perhaps due to the ever-increasing demand for light measurements and data. We would like to thank everyone for their participation.
Clinet working with Viso Software
Viso Systems offers product and software support in many ways. Find out how you may make the most of your light measurement system
Custom measurement table
“Custom measurement table” is a feature that allows you to specify exactly in which spherical point you want your measurements. This is especially useful in lighting applications such as signage […]
IEEE 1789 graph
The IEEE 1789 diagram has now been added (with Light Inspector software version 6.61) to the standard graphical element for PDF reports. To add the graph, simply drag and drop the IEEE graph from the PDF Template Toolbox to your report (open in MS Word).
New "Fixed" PDF templates
With software version 6.61, we have just added three updated 2022 PDF fixed reports. Standard 2022, Advanced 2022, and Flicker 2022. The "Fixed" reports are the fastest way of getting a result output without having MS Word installed on your PC.
Labarazzi award
“I’m am dying to see the most annoying light source in the world,” said award committee moderator Mark Roush as he stopped by the Viso Systems booth to see Labarazzi […]
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