LabDisc System for LabSpion
Black is not always black. Even if you paint all lighting laboratory surfaces black, there might still be some light bouncing from the walls and the ceiling as the light […]
Outstanding reporting options. In the Viso Light Inspector software, you can design your own measurement report templates and reuse them again and again. No other light measurement system provides this […]
Viso spectrometer sensor
Did you know that you may use your Viso sensor as a spectrometer to measure spectral distributions of any light sources? The spectrum button To start the spectrometer independent operation, […]
Back to ‘normal’ LEDucation, one of the most important US trade shows for the lighting industry, returned to the New York Hilton Midtown for its first post-pandemic trade show and […]
Viso BaseSpion was on display in the trade show “Mini Vakbeurs” in Expo Houten, Netherlands, 17.-18. February 2022. The main themes of the exhibition were lighting fixtures, controls, power supplies, […]
MacAdam Ellipses (SDCM-values) can be calculated from every Viso light measurement. Read exactly how we do it here.
At Viso Systems, we hope to inspire you to seek information and inspiration straight away in our many up-to-date Viso manuals.
Get the data out as CVS output, and work with it in Excel If you are one of the persons that sometimes need to analyze details in your light measurement […]
New software feature shows the peak intensity plane In many asymmetrical light distribution measurements, it is interesting to know the direction of the peak light intensity. This is the case […]
A new Light Inspector software feature gives you a fast overview of all system details in a given measurement file. Measurement resolution, calibration status, sensor type, software version, etc. This […]
Did you know that Viso Light Inspector software comes in a variety of languages – and maybe also your native language? Available right now are: English German Spanish French Italian […]
Jan 11, 2022: The latest update. Light+Building management communicated Jan 10, 2022, that Light + Building Autumn Edition will take place from 2 to 6 October 2022 (Sunday – Thursday) […]
IC 2017
We are thrilled to share the results of the world’s largest interlaboratory goniometer comparison – the so-called IC2017. The Technical University of Denmark participated with a Viso system. The results […]
IES progress report
Thank you, IES, for mentioning the Viso UV-VIS measuring system, in the yearly Progress Report. This report highlights new advancements in lighting products, research, publications, and design tools from the […]
EPREL lighting
Struggling with EPREL? Now, all Viso systems allow you to extract EPREL data via the Light Inspector software and EPREL zip file generator. The Light Inspector software automatically generates your […]
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