LabTarget cross from above
The cross-beam laser marks a large red cross that makes it easy to align you light source. The laser is permanently on except during measurements

Vertical laser cross

LabTarget is a Viso-dedicated positioning laser. The laser module emits a vertical laser cross that makes light source aligning easier than ever.

Install the LabTarget above your Viso LabSpion or BaseSpion light measurement system and make light source alignment easier than ever.

The laser beam is on when your light measurement system is on, and turns off automatically during measurements.

LabTarget connection
The LabTarget is easily connected to your LabSpion or BaseSpion system. Just use an extra ethernet cable to daisy-chain the LabTarget between the mainboard and the sensor
LabTarget in haze
With a little haze in the lab, the laser beams are clearly visible

Installing LabTarget laser cross

Easily install LabTarget vertical laser cross in new or existing light measurement systems:

  • Use software Viso Light Inspector software version 6.62 or higher.
  • Install the base plate approximately over the goniometer vertical rotation center. Suspend an temporary pendulum to hang just a few millimeters above floor level, and make a mark
  • Move the whole goniometer to an optimal position around the suspension string
  • Remove the temporary pendulum and install the laser module with 3 pcs screws
  • Connect the laser module to your system using ethernet cables (LabRail, LabSpion, BaseSpion)
  • Use an Allen key in the three middle screws to adjust the laser vertically to hit the mark on the floor
  • Rotate the laser lens module with your fingertips to make one of the laser lines parallel with the photometrical axis


Makes light source alignment easier than ever

LabTarget is a dedicated positioning laser for Viso systems

Fits Viso LabSpion and BaseSpion light measurement systems

Power and data through simple ethernet cable


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LabTarget Specifications

Light Source
λ = 650 nm, <1 mW, EN 60825-1:2007
Class 2 laser product 

Power and data connection
via Ethernet, RJ45

Physical data
Dimensions (L x W x H)
150 x 135 x 74 mm (with base plate)
Weight 545 g (with baseplate)

Powder coated steel

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