• All Viso systems are delivered pre-calibrated. When recalibration is needed, it is possible to do this yourself. Viso recommends calibration every year (minimum every two years) using your own calibration light source as CALI-DT300 or CALI-T50.
  • REF-800 is a light sources that makes it possible for you to check your calibration status regularly
  • Labarazzi is a special TLA generator that can be used to calibrate flicker measurement devices or cameras – or for flicker demonstration purposes.
  • Dedicated Viso light sources are fully integrated with the Viso Light Inspector software

The LabFlicker instrument records all contemporary flicker metrics including PstLM and connects to all Viso systems

The unique Flicker/TLA generator.
With built-in 1100 lumen light source. 
Make your own waveform and frequency.

Add a CALI-T50 lamp to make your own system calibrations

With the reference lamp you can quickly check your calibration status.

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