In this page you can download Viso’s Light Inspector (free photometric software) and updates. The software  and all updates are license-free to use. The download contains 10 samples measurements.

Download the newest released software  version (6.01)


  • Compatible with: Windows 7, 8 and 10 – 64 bit
  • Save or email all measurements
  • Detailed power analysis with power scope
  • Realtime spectrum and power update for quick analysis
  • Automatic light gain control
  • Attach one or more photos to your measurements
  • Use web-cam to snap picture as quick reference
  • Export: PDF, PNG, IES, LDT, CSV for Excel
  • Download photometric software and updates for free
Free photometric software goniometer

Download the newest released software  version (6.01) – free photometric software

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Download the latest software manual