Chasing the right solution for UV measurement? Looking for the optimal precision in 3D light distribution data? Advanced Viso sensor solutions combined with a Viso goniometer might match your expectations. 

Excellent standard solutions

The Standard sensor delivered with your Viso product will be the best choice for most applications:

The portable, price-competitive LightSpion suitcase is fitted with a STS Ocean Optics spectrometer with a Panavision ELIS-1024 spectrometer detector.

BaseSpion and LabSpion both include an Ibsen Photonics FREEDOM spectrometer with a Hamamatsu S11639-01 spectrometer detector (LabSensor and BaseSensor)

Light measurement sensor photometry

Upgrade options

Upgrading your existing labSensor or baseSensor

LabSensor UV-VIS

Previously, LabSensor and BaseSensor contained a CCD-type Sony spectrometer. However, the present Hamamatsu sensor offers several advantages. The slit size of the special Viso high sensitivity grating is 70μm (Spectral resolution < 5.0 nm). Furthermore, the sensor is 6 times more sensitive. Thus , the sensitivity range 1 meter from the sensor is impressive 0.2 – 200,000 lux <+/2.5%. Contact Viso sales for more information.

LabSensor/Basesensor Spectrometer

Spectrometer Type: Ibsen Photonics FREEDOM

Custom Viso: High Sensitive Transmission Grating

Spectrometer Range: 360 – 830 nm (1024 pixels)

Spectrometer Detector: Hamamatsu S11639-01


Measurement Method: Far Field

Intensity, Lux at Sensor (Equal to cd @ 1 m):
0.20 – 200,000 <±2,5% lux 

Lumen and candela accuracy: ±4 %

SPECIAL Measurements:   UV-vis  –  UV-VIS-NIR –  VIS-NIR

The Viso LabSensor Model2 housing and BaseSpion can be fitted with special sensors:

  • LabSensor / BaseSensor UV-VIS (200-850 nm)
  • LabSensor / BaseSensor UV-VIS-NIR (200-1100 nm)
  • LabSensor / BaseSensor VIS-NIR (360-1100 nm)

With one of these sensors, your Viso goniophotometer you will be able to measure visual light as well as UV and or near-infrared light in one session. Consequently, these special sensors allows for full 3D light distribution and color measurements. For UV-VIS and UV-VIS-NIR solutions, a special calibration light source is included.

Upgrade your existing LabSpion or BaseSpion with one of these sensors – or get a whole new system.

LabSensor UV-VIS UV Measurement
LabSensor UV-VIS UV Measurement

LabSensor/BaseSensor UV-VIS Spectrometer

Spectrometer Type: Ibsen Photonics FREEDOM

Custom Viso: High Sensitive Transmission Grating

CMOS resolution (2048 pixels)

Spectrometer Detector: Hamamatsu S11639-01


Measurement Method: Far Field

Lumen and candela accuracy:
200 nm – 250 nm ±6.5%
250 nm – 400 nm ±5%
400 nm – 1100 nm ±4%


Special calibration lamp CALI DT-300 is included

Deuterium and tungsten light sources

Make your own calibrations – save money and down-time

Calibration lamp DT300
Dialux Evo simulation


All Viso UV sensors have correction for straylight. Since UV spectrometers need high sensitivity to handle low level signals, any small straylight reflections from the spectrometer must be corrected for optimal performance. At Viso, this is done by performing a series of calibration tests at multiple wavelengths, where all straylight is recorded and stored in the calibration data. All straylight is then removed in real time from the spectrum using mathematical matrix calculations based on the straylight test data.


Get the optimal solution to your lab just replacing the Viso sensor

Plug-and-play solutions

Measure a broaded wavelenght spectrum with LabSensor UV-VIS / UV-VIS-NIR / VIS-NIR

Get LDT and IES simulation files
– even for UV light and near-infrared

Main applications


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Other Viso Accesories

Add a LabTemp 3-port temperature probe system for monitoring ambient lab temperature and 3 temperature spots

Add a Cali-t50 lamp to make your own system calibrations

Easy positioning of your LabSpion sensor. Replace your tripod with a rail-mount for your sensor including distance detector

The extender of the LightSpion allows you to measure lamps that are up to 22 cm in diameter by extending the sensor distance

The LabFlicker instrument records all contemporary flicker metrics including PstLM and connects to all Viso systems