UV lighting is used for disinfection of surfaces, air and liquids. Further, UV lighting has a lot of industrial applications, such as curing of glue, polymers and prints. UV Light is also used for various kinds of light therapy and UV tanning.

No matter the application, an important parameter is “dose time” – the exposure with certain wavelengths over time. Germicidal effects are not acute but depend on exposure. Curing of prints and glues is equally dependent on dose time.

KNOWING YOUR 3D light distribution is crucial

Hence, in-depth characterization of UV lighting products (UV lighting fixtures, UV LED components and other UV sources) is important. With a light measurement system from Viso you will have a full characterization of spectrum and 3D output distribution. With a 3D UV light distribution file you are able to make simulations of exposure to real surfaces – also for systems with several UV light sources.

With LabSensor UV-VIS (combined with Viso LabSpion or BaseSpion) you will be able to measure visual light as well as UV light in one session. This special sensor allows for full 3D light distribution and spectrum measurements. This includes wavelengths from 200 nm to 850 nm – UV and all visual light.

UV light sources for disinfection

UV Light sources for tanning beds etc.

Curing of plastics and glue

WHY GET your own lab?

  • Having your own lab pays off. Our clients generally claim that pay-back time is 6-12 month depending on external laboratory costs
  • Your internal R&D will perform much faster and gain competencies. Better optical solutions and faster time-to-market
  • Build trust in your products and brand and strengthen your client relations by having lots of data ready


LabSensor model II – UV-VIS

LabSensor UV Light Measurement System

…or alternatively…                              


In BaseSpion, the UV-VIS sensor built into standard sensor housing

Your business

UV air sterilization

UV curing of prints and glues

UV sterilization of surfaces

UV water sterilization

UV tanning and light therapy


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Basic outputs

UV Light distribution

Light distribution curve
With high measurement detail there is data in abundance to plot. Measure up to 72 C-planes and up to 0.1-degree gamma resolution. 3D plots are included as well

UV Spectral power distribution SPD

As light is detected with a Viso fast spectrometer sensor, spectral data is recorded in every measurement point. Working with a specific part of the spectrum – e.g. just around 254 nm – is easy with the software “range” option

Use of UV light measurement in planning

IES/LDT files for light planning
Measuring 3D light distributions enables you to simulate UV lighting distributions and generate high level iso-irradiance diagrams. See how to simulate in DIALux in this video – or read the guidelines here

Dose plot

Dose maps
In germicidal applications, exposure time is the one thing that matters. How much time is necessary to kill a specific germ?
The Viso software gives you a fast overview with automated dose maps.

Further outputs

Fundamental radiation data

  • Total lumen or mW
  • Peak Emission Wavelength (λp)
  • Peak Irradiance (@ distance 1 m)
  • UV Irradiance at 254 nm (@ 1 m)
  • Polar light distribution curves
  • Linear light distribution curves

Visible light data

  • CCT / Correlated Color Temp. [K]
  • CRI / Color Rend. Index / Ra (1-14)
  • TM30-18 indices and graphics
  • CQS index and graphics
  • CIE 1931 x,y-diagram and Duv
  • SCDM (MacAdam steps)

Lighting design and data export

  • UGR table
  • Isolux/iso-irradiance plots
  • UVA / UVB / UVC split
  • Full raw data export to MS Excel etc.
  • Dose evaluation plots
  • Customizable PDF reports

Power and warm-up data

  • Wattage [W]
  • Current [A] and voltage [V]
  • Mains frequency [Hz]
  • Current and voltage THD [%]
  • Warm-up time and variation
  • Automatic stabilization

Popular additions

Add great tools to your system, capture more data and ease your work

The LabFlicker instrument records all contemporary TLAs (temporal light artifacts): Flicker and stroboscopic effects including SVM and PstLM. LabFlicker connects to all Viso systems

Add a LabTemp 3-port temperature probe system for monitoring temperature of device under test

Easy positioning of your LabSpion sensor. Replace your tripod with a rail-mount for your sensor including distance detector