Bullet-proof evidence

LDT and IES files are not protected formats. To strengthen your credibility, you have the option of uploading your results to Viso’s server.

Let your customers have access to the original results with a simple tracking number. Safeguard the integrity of your most important results by backing them up.

photometry tracking

Track and trace your measurements with VISO’s unique feature that gives each measurement a time, date and a location stamp and stores all details on the Viso Systems tracking server with a unique number.

Afterwards, it is possible to share and verify the data merely by sharing the tracking number. In this way, anyone can go onto the Viso Systems tracking site and verify the measurement data, time and location.

Measurements can be saved to the Viso server in “real-time” or in a posterior process.

  • Guarantee measurement integrity for clients, including before and after results.
  • Keep track of measurement history using a simple tracking number list.
  • Verify your supplier’s measurement results including date and location.

Smartest way to share and keeping track of your measurements, click here to learn more about tracking

Enter tracking number: (Click to view example: VT180502-008887)