light-measurement-software-points1The Viso Light Inspector® software is a intuitive interface and it is included in all Viso Light measurement products. The software shows all the data being measured in real time and the photometric result are graphically represented to give you a fast overview of all measurements.

!! NEW !!


Version 4.89 of the Light Inspector software now supports custom design of PDF reports. This power full new feature allows you to fully customize your report design to facilitate your corporate identity by using Microsoft Word editor to create you report templates. This features also gives you the option to only show the measurement data which are essential for you type of product.

The Light Inspector is the first software to fully give you the power over your reporting reducing the workflow as lighting fixture data sheets can go directly from light measurement to the website without the need of marketing post design.

Example advanced report (click below)

Example compact report (click below)


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Get a step by step run though of the Light Inspector software

Software specifications:

Compatible with: Windows 2000, XP, 7, 8 and 10 32bit – 64bit
Save or email any measurements
Detailed power analysis with power scope
Automatic light gain control
Realtime spectra and power update for quick analysis
Attach one or more pictures to your measurments
Use web-cam to snap picture as quick reference
Export: PDF, PNG, IES, LDT, CSV for Excel


With only ONE click, fully automatic setup of the goniometer.


An extensive color quality data results, including CRI, TM30 and CQS values.

CRI-CQS color rendering

Real power effeciency can be calculated using the radiated spectral energy.

LED Power effeciency

You can easily add dimensions to your lamps for an accurate representation.

Set dimesion IES and LDT



Full product brochure 2018

 User manual – January, 2018

 Download Light Inspector software

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