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Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Viso Systems has developed and produced high-end light measurement equipment and controls since 2006. We supply the lighting market with innovative light measurement and control technology that is of the highest quality and precision. We simplify the complexity of measurements and control systems by delivering intuitive user interfaces. The implementation of unique technology in our products, for example the fast spectrometer solution that replaces a photometer, puts us on the forefront of smart, fully integrated measurement solutions.


The Viso Light Inspector software is the strongest and most intuitive light measurement software solution in the market. The dashboard provides you with a perfect overview of your measurements – and in real-time. We know that speed of measurement and data production is crucial to your business. Whether you just want to create LDT and IES files or you want more advanced reports, Viso Light Inspector software will provide fast and easily customized outputs.


We develop and improve our products every day – and preferably in interaction with our customers. Your inputs and ideas are important to us. Close dialogue with the users ensures that our systems are always suitable for your tasks and meet new requirements. Viso Systems equipment is suitable for many different applications, such as general lighting, horticulture and LED components. We help our clients customize equipment, installation and reports to suit specific needs.


All production and development takes place in Viso Systems’ headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark and with our network of experienced and reliable sub-suppliers. Our products are assembled, meticulously tested and certified before shipment. Delivery time is normally only 14 days from order.