Fraen, Carlton Jones

Based i Massachusetts USA, Fraen Optics is a pioneer of optical solutions for High Powered LEDs. Fraen specializes in the design of optics for LED lighting, including: TIR collimators, reflectors, lightpipes, free-form optics, and complex color-mixing adjustable-beam systems. Fraen optical designers use ASAP, LightTools, Zemax, SolidWorks, PTC Creo (Pro/E), Rhino and others to design and simulate imaging and non-imaging components and systems.

Viso LabSpion owners since 2018

Optical Solutions & Innovation Manager Carlton Jones expresses his statisfaction with these words:

• Since 2018, the versatility of our LabSpion has enabled us to test streetlights, area lights, troffers, 360-degree navigation lights, very-narrow-beam spotlights (<4-degree FWHM) and complex RGBW entertainment lighting systems, all with speed and accuracy.
• Our LabSpion has produced hundreds of measurements that have correlated closely to results of independent laboratories and customers using very expensive goniophotometric systems.
• The LabSpion just works. The hardware and software were easy to set up and easy to use. The system is durable, accurate, versatile, and can be easily moved or transported if necessary.
• The LabSpion has enabled us to close the loop in our illumination optic product development cycle all in-house. We can now design, prototype, test, then tool, mold, and test our complex plastic lenses and reflectors better, faster and cheaper.

Carlton Jones, Fraen, USA