LabTemp Front

Keeping track of the temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) of the device under test (DUT) is often important. The new LabTemp hub allows you to follow the DUT temperature via one internal and three external standard temperature probes. The internal probe will measure the ambient/laboratory temperature. Temperature results for all channels will be displayed dynamically throughout your measuring session.

Your temperature measurements will be logged into the same file as the light and TLA measurements. Results can be downloaded to MS Excel or .csv and can be presented in your reports.

Labtemp rear

The LabTemp can be mounted on all steel surfaces via strong permanent magnets


Connect up to three standard temperature probes 

Fits directly onto goniometer with magnets

Connects directly to integrated power analyzer via USB

No external power supply 

Just one file: Data collected directly into the light measurement file

Main applications

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Other Viso Accesories

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