All Viso systems are delivered pre-calibrated but it is possible to make a custom calibration of the spectrophotometer if desired. Viso recommends calibration every year (minimum every two years). Having your own calibration light source is even more interesting if your Viso system is to be certified by an official agency, which will perform its own calibration and afterwards issue certification documents.

All CALI-T50 light sources are traceable to Viso’s calibration lamp (a New Port irradiance lamp with serial SN7-2011 with reference to NIST lamp F-602).

Noisy spectrum

Often, a ‘noisy’ spectrum indicates the need for calibration. You have the option of shipping your sensor to Viso Systems for calibration (expect 1-2 weeks down-time) or making your own calibrations.

With your own reference lamp you will be able to make your own regular calibrations. 

The CALI -T50 reference light source part of a standard LabSpion product delivery and can be added to both BaseSpion and LightSpion if desired.


Make your own calibrations

Calibrate as often as you like at no cost

CALI-T50 is specialized to work with Viso hardware and software

Re-calibrate in 8 easy steps

No down-time i your laboratory


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Lamp type 
50 W Tungsten Halogen

Lamp file
The lamp file specifies the CALI-T50 in uW/cm2/nm at 0.5 m for each wavelength

Small suitcase including
all connectors, cords etc.

Standard Viso 8-step calibration procedure

Other Viso Accesories

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