In a world in which thousands of new lighting products are released into the market each month, it is difficult to keep track of the quantity of measurement data that accompanies each new product.

With current measurement technology, is impossible to know when and where an IES file or PDF report was generated because it easily editable. It is also not possible to track information about modifications made to the IES file, and other information is also not available like symmetry, angle and intensity corrections.

To make the jungle of IES files and PDF reports easier to navigate, Viso has a unique feature called “Measurement tracking”. Measurement tracking gives each measurement a tracking number verified by the Viso tracking server. The measurement is then stored on Viso’s tracking server, including the date, time and location of the measurement.

Another powerful use for organizations is to keep track of measurements for internal use by, for example, the development team, in order to track the impact of design revisions on the light measurement. In addition, organizations can use measurement tracking to verify that the measurement data they receive from their LED supplier has indeed been done at a particular date and time, and use the tracking number to retrieve the measurement data from the Viso server. This is a particularly beneficial in the quality control process.

The tracking number has the following format “VT180502-008887” the first 6 digits is the date of the measurement YEAR/MONTH/DAY where 180502 is the 2 of May 2018, the following 6 digits is a unique random generated measurement number.

With the tracking number, it is possible to track the measurement on the Viso tracking server by using the following link:

Tamper-free information

The information in the traced measurement is the original measurement data. It therefore contains valuable information on both system and measurement conditions, enabling both end customers and, for example, accreditation bodies to check the quality of the measurement. This information includes calibration status, system specifications and measurement conditions such as stabilisation time, measurement resolution and power supply.

With the so-called “Advanced option”, the tracking number holder can even check all changes such as symmetrization and harmonization of colour temperatures and assess whether the data has been tampered with before the report were generated.



It is also possible to make a direct tracking link to a specific measurement using the following format

On the tracking site as shown below the finished measurement data can be seen and it is also possible to download the measurement as IES and LDT files.

The tracking number is also embedded in the IES and LDT files which makes measurements fully traceable by time and date allowing for full transparency between supplier and buyer as well as internal organizations

Advanced details can be accessed by clicking on the “Advanced option” button as shown above.

The advanced options include the option to export a 3 page report showing the raw measurement, changes made (such symmetry correction, etc.), and the finished measurement.

The measurement can also be exported into CSV for excel making it possible to make custom calculations.

Finally, the measurement can also be exported into a .fixture file for the Light Inspector software making it possible to add or remove modification as well as export it to your own designed PDF layout.

We invite to also read the section entitled: What is real-time tracking?

Light measurement tracking


Tracking data does not contain any personal/confidential information such as name or computer name. It only contains the measurement including date, time and location.

A tracked measurement can only be located on the Viso Site using the tracking number and is not made available in any way to the general public.

Tracked measurements can always be deleted by the user.

Direct link (thus by-passing the Viso website) can be used for embedding data into your own website. Direct links are shown below.

•  Tracking result:

•  PDF report only:

•  IES file only:

•  LDT file only: