Real-time tracking means a measurement was tracked at the exact moment the measurement took place.

During a real-time tracked measurement, the Viso tracking server communicates with the measurement system in order to accurately verify and register the place and time of the measurement.

Real-time and non-real-time tracked measurements are marked as shown below.

This measurement was real-time tracked


NOTE: This measurement was not real-time tracked

A measurement that was not real-time tracked is typically a measurement, which has been manually added to the tracking server after the measurement actually took place.

When a measurement is being added to the tracking server afterwards, the measurement time will be stored locally in the measurement file and be used as the reference of the measurement time. The measurement location is then recorded as the location where the measurement was manually added to the tracking server, thus giving less precise tracking data.

To ensure all measurements are real-time tracked, “Real-time tracking of all future measurements” must be enabled as shown below.

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enable-light-measurement-tracking photometry