EPREL Lighting data


This year, new eco-design requirements will apply to almost all lighting products marketed in the EU. Importers and manufacturers are responsible for compliance. A central obligation is uploading specific product data to a central EU database: The EPREL database. A QR tag on product labels will enable customers to access this data easily.

Get all data in one go (excl. product lifetime expectancies) with a Viso light measurement system.

EU Directive


Manufacturers and importer are obliged to upload different kinds of product information:

  • Product model description
  • General information incl. energy consumption
  • Energy Label
  • Technical documentation, and
  • Equivalent models

There are several ways to register product models in EPREL: Manual upload, ZIP file upload, or system-to-system upload. EPREL is currently only available in English. It will be available in all approved EU languages later on. All the information needed for registering a product in EPREL is the same information required to be in your possession when placing a products on the EU market. Such information included test reports, declaration of conformity and so on.

For existing Viso clients, getting your hands on data is easy – just follow instructions here.