Dialux Evo simulation

Using UV light in germicidal applications is popular. A new video introduces a method that allows you to design UV lighting installations with DIALux Evo 9.2.

In this way, you may work with UV lighting in much greater detail and gain insights about how UV light installations in real environments will work. You will only need IES or LDT files containing UV light distributions and the free lighting design software DIALux (https://www.dialux.com/en-GB/download…​).

In the video, we refer to this document containing representative values of UV surface reflectances: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/15/7/1…

Find Viso UV light measurement systems in here.

These guidelines intend to give directions to experienced engineers on how to work creatively with Viso UV light distribution data in the free light planning software DIALux. Viso System takes no responsibility for any planning result or actual germicidal dosing that is developed by means of the suggested methodology.