Viso spectrometer sensor

Did you know that you may use your Viso sensor as a spectrometer to measure spectral distributions of any light sources?

The spectrum button

To start the spectrometer independent operation, click on the spectrum scan icon.

While the system is idle, just press the spectrum scan button

In the independent run mode, the light intensity output in candela, CRI, and color temperature are being continuously updated.
In this way, you may test e.g., color tunable lighting fixtures to check their parameters in various CCT settings.

The integration time can be changed during the free run scan to ensure a correct resolution (Setup -> Integration time -> Auto or Manual).

The spectrometer can also be used to run independently to test different light sources that might be too large for a complete goniometer measurement or to have a real-time update on how the light source behaves over time.

You may even save the spectral distribution in this mode, in which case the sensor works as a spectrometer. Just press the ‘save’ button as usual, and the momentary reading will be saved as a .fixture file.