Outstanding reporting options.

In the Viso Light Inspector software, you can design your own measurement report templates and reuse them again and again. No other light measurement system provides this feature and flexibility.

Many clients make at least two types of custom templates: A 1-page template with a summary of results suitable for presentation on a website, and a comprehensive report for internal purposes.

PDF reporting options.

Once you have made a light measurement, click on File -> Export -> PDF, and there are three options:

Standard reportGenerates a one-page PDF standard report
AdvancedGenerates a four-page PDF standard report
Customized This option unlocks a world of reporting possibilities. Here, you can not only generate e.g., a 10-page report of all available photometrics, but also customize the format in word.

Customizing the templates.

The templates customizable templates are all .rtf (rich text format) files that can be altered in MS Word. The standard templates are organized as sections that you may use separately or collect into your own master templates:

  • Fine a suitable template that you want to customize
  • Click ‘Edit’ and the template opens in MS Word
  • Change for instance the logo, translate texts and add text or image information
  • Add information, test results (in ‘curly brackets’), and standard graphics from the Template Toolbox in Light Inspector.
  • Save your new template under a new name in your standard measurements folder (format: .rtf file).

Template plugins – ready to download.

We have a lot of pre-designed templates ready for you. This is possibly the easiest way to make your own templates. Simply download PDF report templates as plug-ins that will install themselves automatically.

Plugin features
  • Contains .rtf-files (edit in MS Word)
  • Download is free
  • Plugins are a shortcut to building your own PDF output templates
Download instructions
  • Press the download button for the template you need
  • Once the template is downloaded, go to your “Download” folder and double click on the file
  • Now, the template will automatically be added to your templates collection in your dedicated measurements folder (usually C:\Users\’YourUserName’\Documents\Viso Systems\Light Inspector). The template is available as a PDF template in the PDF report generator in the Light Inspector software.

Read more about reporting options in the Light Inspector manual: