UV light exposure chart

Measuring UV Light for disinfection (UVGI – UV Germicidal Irradiation) can be more difficult than visual light. There are more parameters and risks. It is difficult to compare solutions.
Viso takes the consequence and gives you the opportunity to work with UV measurement solutions on a professional level – but without the complexity.

UV disinfection parameters

The questions above are some of the thoughts that may go through your head when trying to explain exactly how powerful UV disinfection might be. In general lighting it is easy: An iso-lux diagram is a good way to illustrate how much lighting you will actually achieve with a given light source.

In the world of UV disfection and other UV applications, the parallel to iso-lux diagram would be iso-Watt diagrams. But such a diagram would not take into account what bacteria or virus that you want to kill or its sensitivity to particular wavelengths. Also, you would not get any help on which exposure time to recommend. See how Viso has made this much simpler to work with and illustrate.

UV measurement video introduction

This video demonstrates the new germicidal UV features of the Viso Light Inspector software.
This video demonstrates the new germicidal UV features of the Viso Light Inspector software.

New features

Picking the right photometric setup for a UV measurement
Pick your UV measurement style

Now it is possible to simply select the required dose value and the exposure times are automatically calculated.

Spectrum and spectral response curve in UV Measurement
Add any spectral response curve to your UV measurement

You can now add any desired response curve for example a standard germicidal curve. The software displays the measured spectrum overlayed with response curve.

Exposure time diagram for a UV measurement
This chart makes it easy for your salespeople to explain your product to clients

Pick a dosing distance and see your dosing scenario as exposure time (hour:min) on a plane.