ABOUT Viso Systems

Viso Systems was founded in 2005, and has experienced significant growth and development. Today, it stands as a thriving company that brings together some of the most skilled and experienced professionals in the lighting industry.

Located in the city center of  Copenhagen, Denmark, Viso specializes in design and manufacturing customer-specific solutions within advanced lighting technology. Our commitment lies in supplying the lighting market with cutting-edge light measurement and control technology renowned by its exceptional quality and precision. We focus to simplify the complexity of measurement and control systems by providing easy-to-use and intuitive user interfaces. Our products incorporate unique technologies, such as being the first to patent fully automated real-time color correction functionality for the color changing LED market,

At Viso Systems, our mission is to empower luminaire manufacturers with powerful yet user-friendly measurement and control solutions. By doing so, we aim to expand the marketplace for white and color-changing luminaire manufacturers, unlocking greater installation and market potential for such lighting devices.


Cutting-edge and modern design plays a pivotal role in the success of our solutions, as the visual representation of our products in installations reflects their quality. Consequently, the initial stage of creating new products is always closely tied to meticulous and thoughtful design. This ensures that the designs seamlessly align with the specific applications of the new products. Subsequently, we diligently ensure that all installation and service requirements are met. Additionally, we offer support to customers with their unique laboratory designs, aiming to fulfill their specific needs and deliver exceptional services.


Viso has extensive experience in hardware and software development, specifically focused on solutions for measuring and controlling light across various applications. Consequently, our expertise spans from compact embedded solutions to comprehensive Windows applications. Our hardware and software are highly regarded for their user-friendly nature, making tasks such as creating LDT and IES files or generating PPFD files for horticultural lighting intuitive and straightforward. With our goniospectrometer systems, we can measure lighting fixtures up to 2 meters in diameter. Furthermore, all of our hardware solutions come with the Light Inspector Software, which allows users to customize reports and conveniently track and trace measurements, if desired


To uphold our strict quality standards, Viso has forged highly effective partnerships with experienced and dependable suppliers world wide. Furthermore, our products undergo meticulous testing and certification before being shipped. We are great in managing prototype series for new designs as well as handling high commercial volumes. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, a standard two-year warranty is provided for all our products.