With a Viso Light measurement system in your lab, you will not need an integrating sphere. This is why.

A traditional light measurement lab

integrating sphere and goniometer light measurement lab

A traditional, far-field light measurement lab would need:

–  MEASUREMENT STEP 1: A mirror goniometer (PHOTOMETER-based)

–   MEASUREMENT STEP 2: An integrating sphere

–   A large instrument rack

–   A sensor in e.g. 25 meter (80 ft) distance

–   5-6 meter (20 ft) ceiling height in lab 

A photometer does not capture spectral properties. Hence, all data color data such as CCT and CRI need to be measured with another system – typically an integrating sphere (A.K.A. an Ulbricht sphere) fitted with a spectrometer. Consequently, each light source will then need characterization in two steps:
1) The goniophotometer captures light intensities (candela in all directions = light distribution) and lumen package.
2) Then, the integrating sphere captures lumen package and SUMMARIZED color data (integrated spectrum, overall CCT, CRI etc.)

A VISO light measurement lab

Viso goniometer light measurement lab without integrating sphere

A modern, Viso far-field light measurement lab includes:


–  A PC/laptop

–   A sensor in e.g. 10 – 25 meter (30 – 80 ft) distance depending on the size of your light sources

–  Normal ceiling height in lab 

A spectrometer captures spectral distribution and light intensity. Hence, all data can be captured in one measurement session – a single step for each light source. The Viso goniospectrometer captures light intensities (candela in all directions = light distribution) and lumen package, as well as SUMMARIZED AND PER ANGLE color data (integrated spectrum, overall CCT, CRI etc., color over angle). Consequently, the modern lab is faster and easier to operate and takes up much less space.

Light Measurement Systems

Choose between three different sizes to fit your needs 

For large light sources.
Spectrometer sensor with built-in laser distance detector on tripod.

Light source max. 150 cm (4.9′)/ 25 kg (55 lbs)
Extended: max. 200 cm (6.6′)
Re-inforced: 45 kg (99 lbs)

For medium-sized light sources.
Spectrometer sensor on table-top rail.

Light source max. 54 cm (21.5”)
/ 9 kg (19.8 lbs)

Portable measurement laboratory for small light sources.
Fold-out spectrometer sensor.

Light source max. 8 cm (3.15”) / 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Extended: max. 22 cm (8.7”) / 4 kg (8.8 lbs)