We are launching the ultimate 250 W AC combined power supply and power analyzer for all Viso measurement systems.

Your AC mains power is not always stable and does not always stay at the rated voltage and frequency. To comply with measurement standards, your devices must be tested under rated conditions with specific tolerances.

With the new, dedicated Viso LabPower you get a stable voltage/frequency and pure sine wave feed to your light source.

Why LabPower is better than the built-in power analyzer

All Viso measuring systems come with a good built-in power analyser – but run on the mains. Therefore, your results may be affected if your mains supply is not stabled.

The new LabPower combines the functionality of a power supply with a high quality power analyser – and the specifications comply with standards such as IES LM-79 and CIE S 025. Benefits include:

  • a remote measurement function that allows measurements to be made directly at the light source terminals, eliminating any voltage drops in the supply lines.
  • LabPower includes an anvanced feedback loop that ensures that your voltage and frequence settings are maintained throughout stablisation and measurement.
  • LabPower provides all contemporary power parameters such as Power Factor, Displacement factor and harmonics analysis and feeds all of this information directly into your original light measurement file.

Read more specs in the products leaflet and the user manual.

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