UV light exposure chart
Measuring UV Light for disinfection (UVGI – UV Germicidal Irradiation) can be more difficult than visual light. There are more parameters and risks. It is difficult to compare solutions.Viso takes […]
UV radiometry
With Viso’s LabSpion goniophotometer combined with the new LabSensor UV-VIS you can test visual light and do UV measurements in one session. This special sensor allows for full 3D light […]
Labflicker Video PstLm SVM
The LabFlicker has just had a new software update where the PstLM was added. The LabFlicker now covers the whole range of flicker measurement standards. Visit the LabFlicker product page […]
horticultural light spectrometry
The technology within agricultural lighting, also known as horticultural lighting, is growing at an ever-increasing rate, which is boosted by the LED devices being incorporated into new horticultural lighting products. […]
Technical University of Denmark spectrometry
The LabSpion measurement system had its debut in the Light+Building exhibition in Frankfurt. The interest was immense, which led to its further introduction in major European cities. Installations were completed […]
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