Measuring light sources with controls like DALI, DMX/RDM, and 0-10V has always been a hassle. The new Viso LightInterface provides the solution: It allows you to control your lamp during […]
Measure flashing light
High-end power analyzer that is seamless integrated with Viso software. All Viso measuring systems come with a good built-in AC power analyzer – however it is limited to max. 300 […]
We are launching the ultimate 250 W AC combined power supply and power analyzer for all Viso measurement systems. Your AC mains power is not always stable and does not […]
LabTarget cross from above
LabTarget is the first vertical, double-plane laser level in the market. Make light source alignment easier than ever.
LabDisc System for LabSpion
Black is not always black. Even if you paint all lighting laboratory surfaces black, there might still be some light bouncing from the walls and the ceiling as the light […]
Labtemp DUT temperature2
Are you in control of your lab ambient temperature measurements? And the temperature of your device under test? According to light measurement standard CIE standard S 025/E:2015, the set ambient […]
UV radiometry
With Viso’s LabSpion goniophotometer combined with the new LabSensor UV-VIS you can test visual light and do UV measurements in one session. This special sensor allows for full 3D light […]
Labflicker Video PstLm SVM
The LabFlicker has just had a new software update where the PstLM was added. The LabFlicker now covers the whole range of flicker measurement standards. Visit the LabFlicker product page […]
growth lighting
The technology within agricultural lighting, also known as horticultural lighting, is growing at an ever-increasing rate, which is boosted by the LED devices being incorporated into new horticultural lighting products. […]
The LabSpion measurement system had its debut in the Light+Building exhibition in Frankfurt. The interest was immense, which led to its further introduction in major European cities. Installations were completed […]