Sensor sync

We finalized a game-changing system: For all we know, nobody else has systems that can measure strobe lamps while they are strobing! This feature is relevant for many clients in entertainment lighting and particularly in vehicle lighting, e.g. aviation position lights and car indicator lamps.

The key lies in precisely synchronizing the sensor integration time with the current draw, resulting in a singular measurement point per strobe cycle. Achieving this synchronization demands a cutting-edge analysis of the current signal. Our newly launched LabAnalyzer is equipped to handle this task, continuously sampling the current at an astounding rate of 2 million times per second throughout the measurement process.

The goniometer movements are synchronized as well.

In this way, we can produce exactly the same data as for constant light sources: Light intensity distribution, color and power data – and in addition: detailed data on the strobe waveform.

See the video demo here:

Read more in the LabAnalyzer product leaflet

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