growth lighting

The technology within agricultural lighting, also known as horticultural lighting, is growing at an ever-increasing rate, which is boosted by the LED devices being incorporated into new horticultural lighting products.

Horticultural lighting is specified very differently than general lighting as the lumen and candela values does not reflect the number of photons received by a plant. Therefore, intensity levels must be measured in photons/second/umol within the photosynthetically active region (400-700 nm). This value is also known as PPF.

Measuring photon count requires the use spectral information, or being able to calculate the complete photon flux from every wavelength.

All the Viso goniometer systems uses unique fast spectrometer sensors technology which makes them perfect for measuring horticultural lighting. The latest release of the Light Inspector software allows the user to easily switch between photometric and horticultural calculation mode thereby making it easier than ever to generate complete measurement reports on your horticultural lighting products.

Furthermore, does the Viso technology allow you to generate 3D files in PPFD (Photon flux density) as IES and LDT files so you can use existing lighting cad software like Dialux and AGI32 to make your horticultural planning where lux values now will be represented as PPFD values giving you a powerful tool in the projecting phase.

As with photometric measurement does horticultural measurement also includes efficiency information but in µmol/Joule.

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